Sovereign Style

Sovereign Style

A Retrospective

Since 2016, the Sovereign Style campaign has celebrated resilience, shared culture, artistry and generosity. For the past four years we have gathered together to honor this special part of our history and it’s continued evolution. We are proud to lift up our artists and honor our community as they embrace history and nurture new traditions.

With the restrictions of Covid-19 in place for 2020, we have taken this time to commemorate our community and it’s dedication to this project. Resilience is embedded into the fabric of Sovereign Style, and though we can’t gather together in person this year, we offer the essence of this principle through a retrospective.

Connecting Generations

Youth play a prominent role in our yearly gathering. Our stage has presented young adults studying fashion design at Olympic College, our own Chief Kitsap Academy students and Tribal Youth Council, as well as toddlers and infants showing their first regalia pieces. Sovereign Style demonstrates the weaving together of our past and our future.

Shared Artistry

We are proud to showcase our own talented weavers and designers based locally on our reservation, as well as host prominent Indigenous Artists from neighboring states. These leaders bring Native representation into realms with a history of exclusion, holding space and amplifying necessary Native voices.

Resilient Culture

Engaging with our community through this art form is a unifying experience. Our mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins and grandparents are our teachers, they've carried the traditions of our ancestors through generations and shared them for us to continue today. Embedded in every piece presented on our runway is the history of our people and the strength of our stories.

Thank you!

We’re delighted to share this project and give its artists their deserved recognition. We look forward to organizing our next gathering when it is safe to be together again. Until then, please enjoy the full collections of each year, which can be found in the link below.

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